Terra X5
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Terra X5

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Tough, light, comfortable and versatile, the fizik Terra X5 Off-Road shoe delivers winning all te ... MORE

As low as 149.99$
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Terra X5
As low as 149.99$

Tough, light, comfortable and versatile, the fizik Terra X5 Off-Road shoe delivers winning all terrain performance, with adaptive fit, trail protective materials and pronounced treads for off-road grip.

Because Terra X5’s asymmetric opening is fastened by a single micro-adjustable Boa? L6 Dial B dial running a steel-coated nylon lace through tough, light, ‘Slipstream’ plastic guides, and combined with a 25mm microfiber and Velcro strap, it’s easy and quick to get a precision fit for any foot shape. That optimum fit means comfort and performance.

Its Laser Perforated Microtex upper and lightweight, breathable inner mesh provide flexible support and cooling while the thicker tongue material provides vital trail impact protection. The Composite Carbon Fiber vented outsole and fizik Cycling Insole combine to give support, comfort and tremendous power transfer. It has light, tough woven tape heel loops for carrying and storage.

The Terra X5 inspires trail confidence thanks to its all-terrain grip provided by pronounced tread that fully encompass the heel section, on the toe-box and across the instep and outstep up to the cleat recess, creating a sturdy support for riders preferring clipless ‘trail’ pedals with a small platform.


Upper: Laser Perforated Microtex
Outsole: Injected Carbon/TPU co-injected studs
Closure system: Single Boa? L6 Dial B and Single Strap
Insole: fizik Cycling Insole
Weight: 288g?(size 42 - 1/2 pair)
Sizes: 36, 37-47 and 48


I've only ridden these shoes for the last 10 days or so, but have put decent gravel miles on them including a very, very wet 80 mile ride just yesterday. They fit really well, and the Boa is killer. The included insoles were horrible for me, but I always use my own, so that was a simple fix. If you require any padding or arch support, expect to to replace these. With water accumulating in my shoes for 8 hours, I can say that these did really well to stay put, and I didn't experience any discomfort, rubbing/blisters, etc. They fit like (very wet) gloves and while not wonderfully insulated for cold, they held well. The heel has a nice rubberized anti slip strip on the inside which I think also really helps. Aside from the insoles, I have yet to find anything I'd remotely complain about with these shoes and look forward to putting many more miles on them.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 61980429
Absolutely love the shoes. They are comfortable and easy to adjust. I was worried about walking with a stiff sole as compared to my road shoes, but that turned out to not be a problem. There is only issue, which I assume will go away over time, the tongue on the shoe has a V cut into it. That has caused a little discomfort digging into the top of my foot but nothing that would stop me from using them. Great shoe if you plan on having to hike your bike or really get on the pedals.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 61756805
Klasse Passform, sitzt perfekt. Sieht super aus und die Schlie?ung funktioniert sehr einfach.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 61756787
Finally a pair of shoes I love! very good looking and comfortable. Exactly the size I needed.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 60984532
Only my second set of cycling shoes, but I love the Terra X5's...over 100g lighter (each) than my previous set and fit great. Like the boa for adjustability on the fly and easy removal...and look great too! Might be a little tighter than my previous shoes, but since they came in 46.5, I was able to order the perfect fit.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 61337243
Not used yet but great quality. I ordered another pair for myself.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 61165222
This is a very comfortable, stiff, SPD compatible shoe for gravel and road. I have narrow feet and need a wide toe box. 45 was true to size. Appear to be very well made, but ask me again in a few months.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 59843891
So far these shoes are great! Perfect for long and short rides. Will buy from Fizik again!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 59308403
Great shoe, really nice quality, my only complaint is that the insoles that come in the shoes are super cheap and not very comfortable. This isn’t an issue for me because I always swap mine out to a SuperFeet insole for more comfort and support. I highly recommend the shoe!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 58551696
These gravel bike shoes are amazingly confortable! I love it!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 56608875
Great design, great fit for more narrow feet. Very nice quality.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 57213955
Seems like an excellent product and moreover, quality is amazing!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 56273412
OMG, (and I don't do OMG's) this shoe matches my bike perfectly. Aesthetically beautiful, matching the bike, love it. 44 fits pretty well. But I need to make some proper changes. What I don't like is the inner sole. To thin, no padding and you can feel the air vents. So I am going to try what the bike shop suggested with the shoe I purchased before this one that had an ill fitting inner sole. replace it. I replace it with inner soles I had around the house, and the one from my 20 year old shoe that is falling apart. More comfortable but probably not the final inner sole. I may buy and not reuse the inner sole. I can feel the top of the foot a little. Not as perfect as my 20 year old shoe, but more comfortable than the Specialized I tried on and equivalent to the Giro (I will be returning). The Boa system is far better than the Specialized (you need to loop over a "hook" and works very well. I think better than the Giro as it worked flawlessly each time. It is threaded through the shoe instead of having to find the hook every time. I have not yet put a single mile on the shoe, which is why I hate reviewing something before use. Every foot is different. So far, this shoe is working for me and I'm excited about it (and matching color) The good news is if they work out the inner sole, or I do independently, this shoe will be a 4.5 or 5 star shoe.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 56177140
Ottimo prodotto e di alta qualità che mi soddisfa
Verified purchaser | Order code : 56142576
Fantastic shoe. The fit is just right, excellent support at the arch and heel. The BOA system is something entirely new for me and Fizik has done a good job to impress and satisfy my needs. A bonus, the shoe looks super cool - slender, sleek, elegant - and is functional!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 55916090
Have only done 2 rides on these but they feel every bit as comfortable as my old Fizik M5B shoes which were well broken-in over several years. The tongue flap does seem to come up a bit higher than my old shoes and i could feel this during ankle flexion for the first part of my ride, but either it softened up or i got used to it. Great shoe for the price (i got 15% off subscribing to their newsletter) and free shipping to the UK. From ordering to arriving, 2 days.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 54268827
Shoe with a very attractive look. Quick to squeeze. Ready for a good MTB adventure.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 52271198
Very comfortable and stiff enough. Great fitting thanks to boa system. Rather for narrow foot.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 51206778
I love the shoes. Amazing product for the price
Verified purchaser | Order code : 51769376
These shoes are a big upgrade from the last shoe my guy had. Only reason not top score is because he has not worn them yet. I have yet to gift them. Quality is great unworn.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 50952724
Super fit as always. Love the shoes!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49672205
Super comfortable and easy to adjust. Stiffness of the sole is an excellent compromise between power transfer and comfort!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49381740
I was hoping for a better fit and the compatilibity with Crankbrother cleats is not perfect.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49381710
Zapatillas muy cómodas, muy finas y elegantes. Se adaptan bien al pie, y si tienes que caminar se agarran bien al terreno.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49382161
Ottimo prodotto per mountain bike. Buona tenuta ad acqua e freddo.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49381961
Fit perfectly and good value for money ! Does not disappoint !
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49382666
So muy cómodas y se ajustan perfectamente. Quizás para mi pie un poquito estrechas. Son muy bonitas
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49382013
Top product. It‘s very comfortable and fits Perfect.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 49382486

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